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Leather Sectional Sofa - Black STOCKHOLM


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Warranty Duration:

12 months

Shipping:: Free

Warranty Duration: 12 months

Article:: 71459-2358

Assembled: partially
Time to Assemble:: 70 min

Total weight: 286 lbs



Create a casual yet sophisticated living room with this sectional leather sofa. The sectional sofa embodies charm and beauty with its sleek traditional look. The generous space and modern layout provide ample room for family and friends to relax in comfort.

Contemporary chrome legs and a sturdy hardwood base make for a supremely relaxing experience in style. Genuine cowhide leather on all seating surfaces, including back and arms, ensures durability where needed. Synthetic leather is on the sides, bottom and backside.

Type: Sectional Sofa
Color: Black
Main Material: Leather
Additional Material: Eucalyptus Wood
Botanical Wood Type: Corymbia calophylla
Wood Origin: Australia
Seats Up To: 6 People
Weight Capacity: 992 lbs
Assembly: Partial Assembly Required
Shape: L-Shaped
Arm Style: Track
Key Features: Comfortable, Broad Armrests
Wide, Comfortable Seat
Solid Workmanship
Elegant Design
Unique Piece of Furniture Fits Any Decor
Adjustable Headrests
Height: 28 inch
Width: 115 inch
Depth: 94 inch
Legs Height: 5 inch
Armrest Height: 21 inch
Padding Thickness: 5 inch
Seat Foam Density: 2 lb/ft3
Seat Height: 17 inch
Offer Includes: 3 x Corner Seat
1 x Middle piece
Leather Sectional Sofa - Black STOCKHOLM_2315
Top grade quality leather!
Leather Sectional Sofa - Black STOCKHOLM_2317
With removable and very comfortable headrest!
Leather Sectional Sofa - Black STOCKHOLM_2316
Precise and attractive seams!
Leather Sectional Sofa - Black STOCKHOLM_674742

Material: Leather

  • Genuine leather does no require special maintenance. It is sufficient to wipe it with a delicate, cotton cloth every week and clean wet once a month
  • It is recommended to use leather care conditioners before and after the heating season. Do not use stain removers, turpentine, shoe polish and any other kinds of grease. Abrasive cleaning agents may leave scratch marks and cause the leather to darken
  • Wet stains should be wipe dry immediately
  • Do not use microfibre cloth since they may leave scratch marks
  • It is advisable to avoid scrubbing since it may leave unaesthetic scratching marks. Use a transparent eraser instead
  • Remove greasy stains with vinegar essence
  • In order to avoid limescale forming, it is recommended to use leather care products based on distilled water
  • Vacuum using a special tip
  • Try to avoid putting leather sofas in highly sunny places or next to radiators. Hot air or UV rays may cause the leather to dry and discolorize

Material: Faux Leather

  • Clean once a week with a damp cloth
  • Work on small stains with distilled water and a dry cloth
  • Try removing persistent dirt with mild, soap based solutions
  • Please use only mild detergents and special faux leather care products
  • Avoid microfiber cloths as they may leave scratches on the surface
  • Faux leather requires regular moisturizing but unlike genuine leather, not greasing
  • Vacuum using a special tip
Packing Units: 1 X Sofa, STOCKHOLM, black, Carton 1/4 YX (81.4 lbs) 52.76 x 23.03 x 33.86 inch (L x W x H)
1 X STOCKHOLM sofa, BLACK leather, chair, 2/4, YX (39.6 lbs) 22.64 x 23.03 x 33.86 inch (L x W x H)
1 X Sofa, STOCKHOLM, black, Carton 3/4 YX (83.6 lbs) 42.13 x 23.03 x 42.13 inch (L x W x H)
1 X Sofa, STOCKHOLM, black, Carton 4/4 (81.4 lbs) 52.76 x 23.03 x 33.86 inch (L x W x H)

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What is the name of the manufacturer of this sofa?

All our furniture are manufactured in Asian countries on our order.



Which parts exactly of this section are synthetic leather for example hand rests on the sides are they real leather?

All seating surfaces and cushions are made of top grade 100% genuine cowhide. The remainder is made of high grade synthetic leather.



Do you have stores in Edmonton Alberta?

We do not have a store in Edmonton. We are an online retailer. We actually only have a small showroom in Toronto.


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